Encinitas’ Old Pacific View Elementary School – A new Julian school site?

The old Pacific View Elementary School is up for grabs again after the initial plan to rezone it and allow the sale to a non-school entity fell through.  The location is ideal (see Google maps link above), right in Encinitas.    The school was built in 1953 and was closed in June 2003 due to declining enrollment.

The future of the school will be discussed at this Wednesday’s Encinitas City council meeting. The city of Encinitas is considering purchasing the old school. Could we possibly make this the new permanent site for Julian charter schools in Encinitas (Innovation and Phoenix)? Undoubtedly this would be  a dream come true for many (most?) of the families.

  • View Photos of the school HERE
  • You can view the school’s location HERE
  • Articles related to the old school HERE
  • Encinitas school info:  HERE

As parents of Innovation (and Phoenix) schools, it would be in our best interest to let our voices be heard at the meeting and to call/email our council members to let them know that:

  1. We want the old Pacific View Elementary to remain a school
  2. We want the school to be available for charter schools (rent/lease/sale)
  3. Our children are citizens of Encinitas and we want them to attend a charter school locally AND in a real school building.

You will find the current list of city council members and their contact info here:

PLEASE EMAIL/CALL the city council members NOW!

Jennifer Cauzza, the Executive Director of Julian Charter School is planning to attend the meeting.   Please feel free to attend the meeting as well.

Agenda: Encinitas City Council to Discuss Pacific View School

Encinitas city council meeting: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2013 – 6:00 p.m. 
Council Chambers
Council Chambers, 505 South Vulcan Avenue
Encinitas, California 92024


Live feed of the meeting and to download the full agenda  visit:    http://webcasts.encinitasca.gov/

  • To view the live broadcast:  “Click for Live Video!”
  • To download the agenda: click on the link “Agenda” for April 10th 2013 – 6pm) (or click directly HERE)

Here is the relevant extract from the agenda:

8. Encinitas Union School District (“EUSD”)  correspondence regarding sale of former Pacific View School Site  (“PACIFIC VIEW”).  Contact Person:  City Attorney Sabine. STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Staff is requesting that the Council provide direction in response to the Correspondence. The options for Council action include the following:
a. Direct Staff to agendize consideration of the possible purchase of PACIFIC VIEW;
b. Direct Staff to work with EUSD to restart the application process for a General Plan Amendment (“GPA”), Local Coastal Plan Program Land Use Amendment (“LCPA”) and Downtown Encinitas Specific Plan Amendment (“SPA”) necessary to rezone PACIFIC VIEW as proposed;
c. Provide alternative direction to Staff in response to the Correspondence; or
d. Take no action as this time.

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